About us

Hello Makers!


Thank you for visiting! My name is Britany and I am the Owner/Creative Director of Sew Weighted Bakery! SWB was born from a love of working with my hands and experimenting with polymer clay. After I had my first son I decided to turn it into a small business. Myself, like many, always have a need for pattern weights, something cute to hold those patterns down instead of that can of tuna or that goofy tape dispenser, or maybe even that hammer over there. I noticed there were not a lot of companies making pattern weights and thought it would be a fun business, and it has grown so quickly. With the support of my friends and family, SWB has thrived.

I am originally from British Columbia, Canada. I grew up in a small town called McLennan, in Alberta. A small town of, at the time - 1000 people. I then went back Victoria for my husbands career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Now we live in Edmonton, Alberta, and have 2 beautiful little boys. 

Sew weighted bakery is made up of a team of 4 people. We are small but mighty. 


Thank you for stopping by!